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Small jar-shaped earthenware, Yayoi period - Kofun period

小壺型土器 弥生時代-古墳時代


This jar-shaped earthenware was fired from the Yayoi period to the Kofun period. The unique round shape is distinctive due to the missing mouth part. The balance between the soft, pale skin tone and the pristine clay texture is beautiful. Because it was made as a container for liquid or powdery substances, there is no trace of having been fired, and the flat, homogeneous tone gives it a modern impression even though it is a pottery made more than 1,000 years ago.


Number   /   0123


Price   /   Please ask


Size   /   H75 W105 D105 mm


Country   /   Japan


Period   /   Yayoi period


※ Country and period are estimates.

※ 国や時代表記は推定です


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