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Ki-Seto pottery shard

This is a shard of Ki-Seto pottery made in the land of Mino during the Momoyama period (16th century). Ki-Seto is a yellowish coloration of Seto ware, which is caused by the use of Ki-Seto glaze, a glaze that develops a yellowish-brown color due to a very small amount of iron. This piece of pottery is very soft yellow with a slightly dull beige color, giving it a sense of calm dignity. It can be displayed on a stand, and is the perfect size for use as an incense holder. Please take a look at the expression of the fine penetration of the glaze on the surface.


黄瀬戸 陶片



Number   /   0167


Price   /   Please ask


Size   /   H105 W82 D25 mm


Country   /   Japan


Period   /   16c


※ Country and period are estimates.

※ 国や時代表記は推定です


※Accessories in the photo is not included.


※The stand is sold separately for ¥2,000.



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